I have never done rock climbing/ swimming / kayaking before. How will I manage?

  • Under the guidance of our trained instructors, you will be encouraged to perform these activities. There is no special training/certification required to enjoy these activities.

How many people need to be booked for a holiday camp?

  • A min of 2 pax and above to customize a holiday of your choice ,but a 4pax to 6 pax will minimize the cost for the tour/camp. The group departure is open for even single travelers.

How safe is white water rafting?

  • Whitewater river rafting is so exciting a sport that the risks involved in it are worth taking, we do everything to minimize the risk element and to maximize the fun and excitement. Safety is of utmost importance for us and before every trip we have a safety orientation and outfit you with a life jacket that keeps you afloat even in rough water and helmet that saves you from getting any head injury.
  • Our guides raft year round, and have all run class II to class V water and are experts at not only running the river, but at making your day trip or camping expedition a memorable event.

Do we have to know how to swim?

  • One cant swim in rough water and as we are wearing a life jacket all the time, the life jackets are designed to help you float face up, you neednt be a swimmer to go river rafting! The guides instruct you on what to do.before you start the activity.

What about first aid and medical emergencies?

  • One cant swim in rough water and as we are wearing a life jacket all the time, the life jackets are designed to help you float face up, you neednt be a swimmer to go river rafting! The guides instruct you on what to do.before you start the activity.

What about first aid and medical emergencies?

  • Our instructors and trek-guides at all the camps are trained to administer first-aid and hold certificates in first-aid and CPR. We carry well stocked first-aid boxes at all times to deal with any situation that may arise while taking part in the outdoor activities. For medical emergencies we transfer to the closest hospital from the site.

What kind of accommodation can I expect at your camps?

  • Accommodation at all our camps is in well-equipped tents, Dormitories or rooms , toilets with running water, the seasonal camps have dry pit toilets. We pay special attention to hygiene and comfort .Certain itineraries that take you through the lesser developed regions i.e villages/remote destination, the facilities here are very basic and the client is informed before booking on such tours.

How much in advance do I need to book a holiday?

  • As all of our events are subject to availability, we encourage you to book your event with us as soon as possible. If you are planning an event for the winter/summer holidays, starting the process a few months in advance is recommended. We dont want you to miss out! As the travel reservation during vacations is the primary concern. Best is to book your trip 65 to 90 days prior to the date of departure.

How much do the events cost?

  • All of our adventures/Events are custom-tailored to your organizations/individual interests, goals and budget. Rates vary by date, time, length and other factors. To get a quote for your specific event, please contact us. We are ready to start planning your adventure today.

What happens if we need to cancel?

  • First off, who would want to cancel and miss out on all the fun? Luckily, in our business, we rarely have to deal with this issue! However, we do have a policy so please read the booking conditions before confirming a trip with us.

What is the safety for a girl child on the students programs?

  • We segregate separate rooms/tents/dorms for the girl child; the programs have lady instructors and coordinators to attend to the requirement. Our field staff is recruited only after a through credential check and they have clarity of their role.

Do I need any prior trekking experience, to enroll for a trekking holiday, How do I prepare myself?

  • The participants should have reasonable levels of fitness and should be capable of walking atleast 5 - 6 kms without any problems under city conditions. It is important that the participants are comfortable with continuous walking. It is ideally suggested that they acclimatize themselves by climbing Sahyadri forts like or nearby hillock for a minimum of 15 days prior to the trek.

How fit do I have to be for an adventure travel holiday?

  • Our adventures are first and foremost holidays and can be undertaken by anyone in a reasonable state of health and fitness. All our trips are graded, allowing you to choose a suitable trip. Please refer to our grading system on the section on this website. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our grading system by reading our detailed trip notes (which you can order from this site) and to speak with our expert staff on the physical requirements of your trip.

Can I organise my own private group?

  • If the specified departure dates are not suitable, or you would like to vary the itinerary, we would be happy to devise a program to suit your travel interests. This service is available to any individual or group. However, as a general rule, for a quote to match the brochure price we need a minimum of six people. For larger groups there may be a price reduction. We regularly organize tailor-made holidays for families, groups of friends, schools, clubs, charities and special interest groups and we would be happy to advise you on your plans.

How do I understand the best season to travel to a destination in India. What are the climatic conditions in India?

  • India is so vast a country that the climatic conditions in the far north bear little relation to those in the extreme south. Indeed, the country is divided into no less than seven climatic regions. However, in simple terms, India has a three- season year known as the hot, the wet and the cool. The coolest time to visit is late September through April. Temperatures during this time are ideal for sightseeing. Following this period is the hot season that runs from around April through July. Conditions are perfect for sightseeing and photography, though Rajasthan can become very hot and dry. July signals the start of the monsoon or wet season that continues until around the end September. Although the weather is humid, the days are punctuated by intermittent rainfall. Also refer to the itinerary where we have identified the best time to visit a place; the other seasons besides the ones mentioned are not so welcoming.