Safety for Travellers & Campers

  • We are proud of our impeccable safety record and we ensure it remains so by strict adherence to safety rules, by using state-of-the-art equipment and by refresher courses for our operations team.

Certified & Experienced Instructors

  • Team of Experienced & certified adventure instructors from diverse disciplines who are thoroughly trained to conduct outdoor training programs.

Doctor and First Aid

  • We have a comprehensive First Aid kit at the camp and we carry a first aid kit on all our adventure trips. A doctor on call and an emergency standby vehicle, every instructor is equipped and trained to deal with preliminary first-aid.

Gender Related

  • Separate tents and toilet areas for girls and a healthy mix of female instructors ensure comfort and address to their specific needs.

Our Properties & Associate Service Providers

  • We can assure you that every accommodation, transport and service offered by us and used by your clients adheres to all relevant local regulations regarding health and safety, particularly laws governing fire safety and hygiene.

Camps/Resorts Accommodation

  • Most of the Hotels / Camps used by us for your clients are identified & approved by our team. Fire/safety measures are pre requisites for getting approval from the Government to run this establishment commercially.
  • Some accommodation e.g. home stays, village houses, safari lodges etc. may not fit the above format - however we still can provide you details of each property, review it with regard to its safety, and advise you of any potential limitations.
  • This information is only provided once we take forward bookings. Where as for camping/trekking the clients are clearly communicated about the available facilities and the grades de-mystified.


  • The vehicles used are hired from reputed travel partners who comply with all local and national transport laws and fully insured for commercial use and provide maintained. In case of breakdown we arrange a replacement vehicle at the earliest to perform the service at no additional cost and avoid any significant disruption to the itinerary.

Insurance and Indemnity

  • Insurance during any tour is available on request and additional charge. Kindly correspond with the office for complete clarity with subject to your package. The individual participating in adventure camps or activities have to enrol and sign the indemnity forms. In case of any emergency we inform the families about the progress, and take the best possible action to ensure the clients safety in the adverse situation