Tandem Joyrides:

A two seater joyride with an experienced pilot. It is the most fun and easiest way to taste the exhilaration of free flight. No age limit, training or experience required. It is the perfect gift to give for a birthday or any special event. ‘gift of wings’ You sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the view. Carry your camera and take some amazing pictures from the sky.

  • Ride Variants
    • Classic Tandem
    • Instructional Tandem
    • Acro Tandem
  • Season:
    • Oct To May
  • Team:
    • Our professional training team OF fun & friendly instructors will take you through baby steps TO MAKE YOUR SKYWARD quest easy and rewarding. We use certified equipment and have qualified team of pilots.
8-10 Or 10-15 Or 20 Minutes Available on request Kamshet Paragliding Site

What We Offer:

  1. Classic Tandem
    1. A two-seater joyride with an experienced pilot.
    2. It is the most fun and easiest way to taste the exhilaration of free flight.
    3. Duration (min): 8 -10 minutes
  2. Instructional Tandem
    • The instructor tandem pilot will show you how the controls work while flying.
    • You will be given controls to experience how it is to fly all by yourself, but with the safety of the instructor flying with you.
    • Duration (min): 10-15 minutes
  3. Acro Tandem
    • Taste the thrills and rush of adrenaline with high speeds and g forces, in this one of its kind tandem. Our specialized acro pilots will take you through acrobatic maneuvers that are not for the faint hearted.
    • Duration (min): 20 minutes
Pickup point
Arrive directly at Kamshet Paragliding Site, Pune, Maharashtra, India View on Map